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Rethinking retreads

Our family car needs new back tyres and the quote from our local tyre dealership for a set of two run-of-the-mill type tyres was surprisingly expensive. My husband labours under the impression that retreads are of inferior quality and for that reason isn’t keen on us buying them, even though they would be an environmentally-friendly option and save us money.

So, I was very interested to read at that a month after the banning of the disposal of tyres in landfill, the Wales Environment Trust is championing the cause for retreads, and urging Welsh businesses to look again at using refurbished tyres. They have launched a campaign called rethink.retreads and are branding retreads a SAFE CHOICE: safe one the road, safe on your budget, and safe for the environment.

The rethink.retreads website explains why retreads are just as safe as new tyres and why they are a cost effective option. Consequently, I will not be turning my nose up at retreads again, and I am feeling positive about the effect that choosing retreads will be having on the environment, and on my pocket.