Surviving the Hosepipe Ban

by Tracy Stokes on April 21, 2006

in Conservation, Permaculture, Sustainable Lifestyle

We are facing the dryest summer in the South East of England for 100 years, so what are we doing to help the situation as individuals? The hosepipe ban is leading us to devise new ways to save water while keeping our gardens green.

One woman in Dorset is watering her vegetable garden by siphoning her children’s used bathwater out of the bathroom window with a hosepipe and into a container on a wheelbarrow waiting below. Others are fitting water butts to their gutter downpipes to collect rainwater, either with a passive irrigation system attached, or to be used in a watering can, so many in fact that when I recently ordered an extra water butt from Even Greener they sent me a letter saying that due to unprecedented demand they were out of stock and that there would be a little wait before they were able to supply it.

Jane Perrone (from Horticultural blog) writes in an article in the Guardian about How to save water in your garden. Jane explains mulching, rainwater harvesting and how to save water by planting drought resistant plants in our gardens, something that will become even more important as our climate becomes dryer.

And it’s not just the gardens where we need to save water, for top tips on how to conserve water around the house, read Anna Shepard’s Saving Water post at her Eco-Worrier blog.

At the EcoStreet forum we are discussing our own imaginative ways of watering our gardens and saving water in the home, so please come along and give us your tips.

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