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Sustainable Business?

Caught the Dragon’s Den on BBC2 last night. For those of you that don’t know, this is a programme where potential entrepreneurs set themselves up for a fall. The idea of the programme is that there are 5 dragons (sucessful business people) prepared to offer up to £100K to businesses they feel have potential, for a share of the company. Last night’s show featured a guy who had developed a gadget which was easily fitted to a flush toilet and which limited the flow of water, thus saving gallons! A remarkably simple invention which worked and which could have a huge impact the world over. Were the Dragons interested? Not a chance, they took the opportunity to belittle the inventor for caring more about the planet than wanting to make money. Each to their own I guess, but until the day that big business wakes up to the fact that economies will continue to become more unstable until the sustainability issue is grasped and addressed the world will continue in the reverse gear of exploitation of peoples and landscapes unable to protect themselves. Which leads us into the ‘news’ that US and UK firms are projected to make £98 billion from Iraqi oil fields. Makes you proud don’t it!