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Say No To Nuclear!

I feel very uncomfortable with our generation leaving tons of dangerous waste products for our children’s generation to deal with because we didn’t have the imagination to look to renewable sources of energy now?

Tony Blair’s blinkered view that nuclear power generation does not produce carbon emissions is nothing more than wishful thinking, and has been shown to be inaccurate by the Oko Institut whose tests on the life-cycle of nuclear fuel have proved that including the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle, i.e. the mining of uranium, ore milling, conversion, fuel enrichment and fabrication of fuel rods, the CO2 emissions of nuclear power are four or five times more than those from renewables. (Source: The Guardian)

Add that to the clear problems of nuclear waste management, the risk that nuclear power-stations may become terrorist targets, the “unexplained” leukaemia clusters in the vicinities of nuclear power plants and the fact that uranium is not a renewable resource and it all looks downright grim!

At this time when Mr Blair has it in his head to win hearts and minds over to his nuclear nirvana, it’s more important than ever to take a stand for the sake of future generations and say No to Nuclear! Tell your MP that you don’t want nuclear power and that you back renewables.

The UK has vast potential for renewables – around nine times more that we need in wind power alone. (Source: Greenpeace) Show your support for clean renewable energy and change your energy supplier.