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The CoolClimate Art Contest: call for entries

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): beautiful world by purplepixieNature’s Humor by DarkFireLotus; Green house effect by inmc; Climate change on canvas by Ashley Cecil; Off Shore Eco Farm I by MG Williams

Global climate change is the largest threat to sustaining life on Earth, but despite overwhelming evidence
— species extinction, dwindling water supplies, mass migrations and
mega-storms — some of us are still unclear what climate really means for us.

The CoolClimate online art contest will be exploring climate change in its many
forms and invites artists worldwide to participate. How is climate change impacting our lives? What can be done to ensure a sustainable future for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

Artist brief: submit a work of art that explores our relationship with the climate
– from clean energy jobs to pollution-free oceans – the subject choice is yours.
You can submit a piece you’ve already made, or pass this blog post along and get an
artist friend involved. Post your art on and you
will be eligible to win prizes, be featured on the Planet Green Planet100 show
and be displayed at key leader events nationwide on 10/10/10.

A panel of judges will select 20 finalists whose works will be shown on the Huffington Post and the winner chosen by public vote.

Submissions close on the 6th September 2010. Enter here.