5 of the best green and ethical social networking sites


Social networking, everybody’s doing it. We all know who the big guys are, but some prefer a space for online interaction with others of like mind.

Here are our favourite green and ethical social networking sites:

Care2.com – The big daddy of green social networking, Care2.com has been around since 1998. There are over 7 million users, groups, news, e-cards, petitions. shopping and lots of green living advice.

Zaadz – Zaadz has a new-agey feel to it, but if you’re into that sort of thing, it’s perfect for you. There are over 85,000 members who are interested in the environment, philosophy and spirituality. Features of the site include a community book list of favourite books, an events calendar, zPages for socially conscious businesses listings by area, favorite quotes, and discussion groups called Pods. Each Zaadzster, i.e. Zaadz user, also has a personal area with profile; share videos; photos, books, ideas, quotes, and goals; and their own Zaadz blog. There’s a lot to this site if you can get past the hippyness.

River Wired – RiverWired is a cross between a news aggregator and a social networking site. You’ll find the latest news from a number of excellent blogs, divided into four topics: do good, live green, be entertained, and be well, and users can share videos and pictures, and discuss various issues.

2People – 2People’s mission is to achieve sustainability in one generation. Once you’ve registered you can connect with others, form or join groups, and find or organise events local to you. The idea is that by moving just 2 people you can move a nation, and each user is encouraged to recruit 2 more people.

Razoo – The new kid on the block. Learn about environmental and humanitarian issues. Connect with others who are concerned about the same issues as you are. Take action by setting yourself goals and ticking off your achievements. Check out others’ goals to inspire you.

Other green and ethical social networking sites worth checking out: Actics, Zelixy, Tree-Nation, dianovo, five limes, WorldCoolers, beTurtle and Common Circle.

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  1. though it’s not specifically ‘social-networking’, MindBodyGreen.com is a social news website that is entirely focused on better, healthier, greener living!

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  3. I think we tend to get tarred with the New Age brush more than the hippie one, but thanks for the note all the same. 🙂

    I’d say, personally, that the heart of Zaadz involves being the change–if you want a kinder world, be more kind; if you want a greener world, plant more trees; if you want a healthier planet, do your part to minimize your footprint. We’re about taking responsibility.

    And being friendly, too.. Again, a big thank you for the plug!

  4. There’s this site which not only covers everything green and ethical but has a wide range of articles on the importance of conscious living and the urgency of making this concept a way of life:

  5. It’s not a “eco” social network, but I think http://www.myfolia.com is another one to maybe add to the list – it’s basically a community of people trying to “grow their own”. There is a nice group of eco aware people already on the site (it’s quite new) and it’s got some really handy tools for tracking plants and harvests.

  6. Great list – you’ve got the big boys there ! We are like a new Ostrich out of the egg, like ants from under a stone, new website in green space, check us out http://www.helloecoliving.com online social network, magazine,forums, blogging and everything else you may want !
    Many Thanks and see you there…..

  7. I like this list – most I hadn’t heard of before, which made feel out of the loop. I noticed though that http://www.greenwala.com/ wasn’t on there and I like them, sort of a green Facebook. Great job and I totally plan to share this list with my fellow graduate students at UGA (Odum School of Ecology) so we will be probably be back to add more!

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