5 of the best recycled bags

By buying recycled we close the loop that we start when we recycle our waste. Thanks to some extraordinarily creative people out there, our waste can become a desirable fashion statement. Take a look…

1. This Emmeline 4 Re recycled handbag is made in the UK out of fabrics and leather that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. £31 including postage.

2. The recycled tube bag from Ting is made of old leather belts and lined with vintage fabric. The belts are bonded together and cleverly crafted into a very cool bag. Made in Spain. £275 with free shipping during the month of July 2007.

3. The Rubbage clutch bag is made of recycled tyre inner tubes and edged in stainless steel. A handbag with attitude. £22.95 plus postage.

4. The Doy bamboo handled recycled candy wrapper bag is just one of the many products created by a women’s group in the Philippines that keeps millions of juice cartons and sweet wrappers from being burnt, buried or simply littering the streets and waterways. £15.99 plus postage.

5. This funky vintage light pink floral teardrop bag from Hellish cheeky is one of their many one-off recycled fabric bags. This particular bag is made of a funky 70’s pink & white floral vintage fabric and is lined with a contrasting bright pink cotton fabric. £25 plus £3.50 postage.

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  1. Could this get any more ironic? [http://tinyurl.com/2m2ua4]

    The ‘I AM a Plastic Bag AND I’m 100% Recyclable’ bag has been created by the Progressive Bag Alliance. The ‘progressive’ alliance is dedicates its time to ensuring that plastic bags are recycled, reused, and disposed of properly.

    Why? Probably something to do with being founded by the big plastic bag manufacturers. The tat is on sale on eBay, where it also lists some ‘arguments’ about why not to miss out on the bag.

    Starting with the ‘myth’ that ‘plastic bags are single use’. Tell that to a turtle.

  2. Fantastic inspiration for my Year 9 students Eco Bag project. Any other information you have would be really useful and very much appreciated.
    Kind regards
    Gill Molloy
    Design Technology Teacher – Textiles
    Denbigh School
    Milton Keynes

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