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All I want for Christmas is a fluffy duck

Charity Practical Action are giving you the opportunity to buy a Practical Present for someone you don’t know this Christmas. Here’s how it works. You buy a fluffy duck for your aunt Mabel, and somewhere in Bangladesh a poor family have duck eggs to eat. Okay, I’ll explain that again. Practical Action works together with some of the world’s poorest people throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America to help lift themselves out of poverty. You come along and want to spend £10 on aunt Mabel for Christmas. So you choose a Practical Present and buy it online. Aunt Mabel gets a card explaining that you’ve bought a duck for a Bangladeshi family on her behalf, as well as a little hanging Nepalese decoration keepsake.

This is not just a great present because you’re helping others who really need your help, but also there’s no waste involved, no packaging, no cheap Chinese produced plastic junk, no wrapping paper, no unwanted gifts and no disappointment either, because how can you not feel good about helping others.

Practical Presents start from £8.