Good Energy launches groundbreaking deal to pay homes for solar heat

by EcoStreet on December 8, 2008

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People across the UK have installed solar thermal panels on their roofs to produce their own energy, but until now none of these small scale generators have been paid by the government or energy suppliers for their power.

Good Energy, the UK’s only 100% renewable electricity supplier, is launching Good Energy HotROCs, the UK’s first renewable heat incentive that pays domestic solar generators money for the heat energy they produce.

As part of this scheme, Good Energy has launched a trial gas product – offered only as a dual fuel tariff to customers. Good Energy Gas charges a small premium which helps to fund the reward paid to customers on the HotROCs scheme. Good Energy hope that this ground breaking scheme will help the UK reduce its dependence on gas, boost growth in micro-generation and increase support for renewable electricity.

Tim and Fiona Start are always working on reducing their carbon footprint. They grow their own vegetables, buy local produce, and are active recyclers. For them, having already installed Solar PV which generates electricity, renewable heat technology in the form of a solar thermal panel was the next positive step.

This month they signed up to the Good Energy HotROCs scheme: “This is a great innovation and unique to Good Energy. It is another way to help us reduce our bills and improve the return on investment of our solar panels. It will help boost micro-generation in the UK and reduce the country’s carbon emissions.”

Juliet Davenport, Good Energy’s Chief Executive is proud of the company’s latest innovation. “I am delighted that Good Energy is leading the way with the first Renewable Heat Incentive in the UK. HotROCs is a simple effective reward and, like our pioneering work that supports small scale electricity generators, we are confident it will succeed and be copied by other UK energy suppliers. The launch of Good Energy HotROCs is a vital step in delivering the UK a renewable heat future.”

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Wiper January 6, 2009 at 4:46 pm

That’s Good work from Good Energy. It’s amazing that such a huge chunk of carbon emissions come from heating the home and there’s so little being done to reduce them (apart from some half arsed attempts at “inspiring” people to insulate their homes) – this is a great step.

I’ve noticed they have also started their own blog.. worth a read –


Traken House February 5, 2009 at 2:10 pm

Ther’ll be a rush of this type of scheme once OFGEM finally decide what constitutes a green tarriff ( probably anything but being green).

There are a lot of other suppliers out there offering 100% green, it’s all a bit of a minefield. For the premium Good Energy charge I’m probably better off getting my electric from someone else and bunging the difference to the nearest house with a solar water heater. It’d probably make more difference and cut out the middlemans profit. It’d make my neighbour happy too.


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