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Beat the drought

Water shortages are taking their toll on south-east England. The hosepipe ban over most of the area means lugging water-cans around the garden, and the drought order in some of the worst affected areas means no car washing. The old adage goes, “desperate times call for desperate measures”, but in this case it would be more fitting to say that desperate times have called for creativity and ingenuity. Here are some great ideas to help you save water and keep your garden green by re-using your bathwater.

Simply cut a piece of hosepipe long enough to reach from your bath to the garden and follow my simple steps to siphoning your bath water into the garden without having to suck on the end of an old hose.

Or if you prefer gadgets, try one of these clever products to get your used water onto the garden:

Water Two is a device that is fitted permanently into the bathroom waste pipe before it joins the main down pipe, collecting used bath, shower and wash hand basin water and diverting it to a water-butt or straight to your hose

The Ban Beater is effective and requires no installation. There is no pump up and down action, just one single pull on the ban beater and you can empty an entire bath and run your hosepipe.

Or the Drought Buster, that requires a few squeezes of the handpump, but after that the water just flows with the help of gravity.