Welcome to the 214th edition of the Carnival of the Green.

This will probably be my last Carnival of the Green post, because I’m moving away from blogging to explore other creative pursuits. So, all nostalgic, I was looking back through EcoStreet’s archives at Carnival of the Green #13 that we hosted back in February 2006. It seems so long ago, and yet the Carnival of the Green is still going strong.

Last week it was hosted by the lovely Jeffrey over at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green, and next week you’ll find it at Project Earth.

At home
While it doesn’t seem like a green post at first, Case Ernsting writes about Modernizing the Home Office, wanting us to keep one phrase in mind when redesigning : Simple. Modern designs focus on simplifying interior designs and staying natural and using eco-friendly materials are included his strategy.
For a round up of eco-gadgets and energy saving in the home, check out Ethical Superstore.
When Brenda Pike ended up with a broken thermometer and mercury all over the place, she turned to the EPA for advice on how to clean it up safely. Here’s how.
We know plastic bags are not so great for the environment. But did you know the plastic clips on bread bags can actually be lethal? Here’s a way to keep bread fresh without any plastic at all. Fake Plastic Fish gives us Bread: Buy it, store it, keep it fresh without plastic.

At the shops
Ethical Superstore challenges Fair Trade fatigue and reminds us not to give up the Fair Trade fight, just in time for Fairtrade Fortnight.

At school
Associate Degree looks at 50 Big Ways that Schools Are Going Green in the US, despite budget cuts.
Angela Martin presents Teaching Green: 100 Tips, Tools & Resources for Every Kind of Classroom.

In the garden
Natural Health Ezine takes a look at some great tips for growing your own blueberries this year..
Jess Lundie writes about Seed Saving, Garden Planning and Stupid Questions at Openly Balanced.

In the wild
The recovery plan for the endangered Santa Cruz Fox has been a success, with the fastest recovery of any endangered animal in the U.S. Read about it on http://sallykneidel.com.

Out there
Vihar Sheth discusses Planting Our Seed across the known universe.

Bye for now, folks! And may the green be with you.