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Carnival of the Green #46

Hello there and welcome to the 46th weekly Carnival of the Green. We’re proud to be hosting the carnival for the second time and would like to thank City Hippy and Triple Pundit (founders of aforementioned carnival) for the great honour. Thanks also to Karavans for a tip-top carnival last week.

Enough with the niceties then, let’s get down to business.

Looking to the sun
American Inventor Spot looks at a number of products to help you enjoy your backyard with solar energy. But that’s not all… you also get five amazing ways to use portable solar energy.

Conservation & community spirit
Save The Ribble is happy to report on the success of ITV’s Big Clean-up campaign, in particular the Ribble Fishwick Bottoms Clean-up.

Big, smelly heaps of junk
Landfill, what’s the solution? Phil for Humanity finds out about recycling landfills.

War on warming
Camden Kiwi reports that Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth is worth seeing, even if you are already a hardened environmentalist.

Waking up to pollution
There’s concern at The Voltage Gates that pollution just isn’t getting the media coverage it deserves. JBruno is confronting the estrogenic effect. And on the subject of sex and pollution, The Greener Side takes a critical look at the latest research on toxic sex toys and when not to be flexible.

The perverse, the illicit and the absurd
Exxon gets a proper good telling off from the Royal Society for continuing to deny climate change, as reported by Myke’s Weblog. Rigor Vitae: Life Unyielding looks at an unprecedented effort in Wisonsin to delist a threatened species; while Ion Zwitter covers the tragic story of how in light of recent extinctions, the U.S. adopts the bald beagle as national icon in the year 2141. If I didn’t know you were a time-lord Ion, I’d think that you were making this stuff up!

On yer bike
Nick Aster of Triple Pundit asks: Corporate bicycling, the new golf? An interesting idea, but will it catch on with golfers?

Feel the fear and do it anyway?
David Ng of The Science Creative Quarterly explains what we have to fear from the sciences. BE VERY AFRAID. While Jen at FFS! fears the worst when the US administration starts cutting science at the EPA. Not straying far from the theme of science and fear, The Blue Voice asks: Who will be America’s next Science Idol?

Green revolution
You need lots of energy to start a revolution, just ask Che Guevara! He found his fix in Yerba Mate, and Marie of Green Fertility suggests you do the same. In her post Yerba Mate clean energy — for your bod, she explains how drinking the stuff can even help reforestation.

Go out on a limb – that’s where the fruit is
Greener Miami debates whether public fruit trees are a service or a nuisance in the post Free Fruit, Public Trees.

Going green with your fork and spoon
Sally Kneidel of Veggie Revolution lists her top 10 eco-friendly diet choices.

Warning! Don’t read this while eating your breakfast
Another good reason to eat organic as we cross to The Sludge Report from The Worsted Witch.

Clean, but how green?
The Good Human rolls up his sleeves, dons his rubber gloves and compares two green cleaning products. Method vs. Seventh Generation – let the battle begin!

The first casualty of war is truth
The Blue Voice brings us Michael Klare on removing oil from the equation.

There’s something fishy going on
Sludgie reports on the Spielberging of nature with sharks that walk on their fins and stop, or my fish will shoot!

And that’s it for this week, except to say that you can catch the next installment next Monday at Greener Miami. Toodle-pip!