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Earthship Workshop with Michael Reynolds

by EcoStreet March 14, 2013 EcoHouse

Here is an invitation to join Michael Reynolds, creator of the Earthship concept, for an Earthship workshop. The two-day hands-on  Earthship Biotecture Workshop will be held on April 12, 13, 14, 2013 at Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood, California, 90027. Tickets are $200 a piece and seating is limited, so hurry if you want to attend. The […]

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Flashback Friday: EcoDIY make a chair

by EcoStreet August 13, 2010 EcoDIY

Originally published in January 2008. Harness your creativity to make something useful and keep something else out of landfill. I like the idea of making unique pieces of furniture for my home, and I like not having to pay (or paying very little) for materials to make something that’s worth more than the sum of […]

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Makazi’s Guesthouse: sisonke singenza amahluko

by EcoStreet August 7, 2010 EcoHouse

I’m completely enchanted by Makazi’s Guesthouse. It’s built out of sandbags, and is kitted out with solar heating, composting toilets and recycled furniture. The house has been beautifully decorated (inside and out) and all profit made is used to fund the community-based Indlovu project, including a crèche, youth centre, clinic and soup kitchen. This would […]

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Tiny Houses & the Shed Project

by EcoStreet August 2, 2010 Activism

I’ve long been interested in the tiny house movement and admired the homes and the resolve of those who live in them.  I am particularly fond of tiny houses with wheels, but that is another story altogether.   My family of four has recently moved into a smaller house (all four of us, plus the two […]

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McKay reclaimed whisky barrel flooring – with a hint of vanilla and oak

by EcoStreet June 29, 2010 EcoHouse

Mmm, they say when you press a board to your nose, you get the very pleasant smell of oak and vanilla. This reclaimed whisky barrel flooring from McKay Flooring in Scotland is not cheap at £149 a square metre, but it is beautiful and doing your sun salutes on it in the morning will be […]

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Have you ever wondered what to do with your husbands huge collection of old National Geographics?

by EcoStreet May 27, 2010 EcoArt

I first found out about the old National Geographic stash when my boyfriend and I moved in together in 2001. He’s now my husband and the National Geographic collection has crossed continents with us. I was very excited to see this. Something like this would look great on the wall in the living room of […]

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I’m loving Solay salt lamps

by EcoStreet May 26, 2010 EcoHouse

I’ve had a beautiful salt lamp from Solay for about 2 years now.  I love it.  The pink salt comes from the foothills of Himalayan Mountains and apart from just being pretty to look at – they’re good for your health too. Salt crystal lamps generate healthy negative ions that cleanse the air.  That feeling […]

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