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Energy Saving

Christmas Cards – what cost to the environment?

It’s traditional for businesses to say thank you to their customers at Christmas time. Thousands of cards are printed, hours are spent signing them, and then there’s the last minute rush to get them all posted before it’s too late. The financial implications of sending thousands of Christmas cards are expected and planned for, but how many businesses consider the cost to the environment?

The thousands of cards that businesses send their clients each year require a lot of paper to make, and only very few greetings card manufacturers are using recycled paper for their cards. It would be fair to say that recycled paper is not a big focus in the greetings card industry. One tree needs to be chopped down for every 3000 Christmas cards, and in the UK alone, around 1 billion Christmas cards will be sent this year [source: Defra]. That’s over 300,000 trees.

The process of making greetings cards can often include further environmentally damaging processes, such as toxic printer inks and fixing agents. Then there’s disposal of the vast quantities of cards, many of which will end up in landfill. And the carbon emissions created by transporting the cards all over the country are substantial too.

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Can you EPEAT that?

EPEAT can help you identify high performance, environmentally friendly computer equipment via their searchable online database. The database will be available to the public from Monday, 24th July 2006, listing products that meet the tough new green computer standard for… Read More »Can you EPEAT that?

Micropower in the UK

Britain planning laws may be revised to make it easier for micropower generation.

In an interview with The Observer, Planning Minister, Yvette Cooper said, “It is patently absurd that you should be able to put a satellite dish on your house, but have to wrestle with the planning process for small-scale micro-generation, which is no more obtrusive and can have a real impact on tackling climate change.”

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Making The Switch

Regular readers will know that I am against the idea of a new generation of nuclear power stations in the United Kingdom, or anywhere else on the planet for that matter. I much prefer the option of putting as much spending into renewables as the govenment has ploughed into nuclear to make it work for us, now, and for the future.

But that is subject to be debated in another post, today I want to talk about energy saving. There are a number of simple changes we can make that will reduce the need for as many power stations, wind farms, or other electricity generating devices as we are predicting we are going to need. And no change so simple as switching over to low-energy lightbulbs.

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