Britain planning laws may be revised to make it easier for micropower generation.

In an interview with The Observer, Planning Minister, Yvette Cooper said, “It is patently absurd that you should be able to put a satellite dish on your house, but have to wrestle with the planning process for small-scale micro-generation, which is no more obtrusive and can have a real impact on tackling climate change.”

Britain still lags behind many other European countries when it comes to micro-generation. In 2004, Austria – a country of eight million people – installed the equivalent of 50,000 domestic solar hot water systems. The UK has fewer than 6,000.

Since the government introduced a new grant system for micro-generation, interest has been so strong that the annual £3.5m budget will last only five months if take-up rates continue.

The “controversy” has been generated in part by David Cameron’s intent to put a wind turbine on his rooftop in London. In another Observer article, reasons for government resistance to the idea includes the lack of data or adequate testing of the viability of the turbines on rooftops for small scale power generation.

Via The World Business Council for Sustainable Development and The Observer.

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