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EcoDIY: bike tube headband

Becky Stern’s cool bike tube headband at Craft: is simple to make and a great way to use up punctured bike inner-tubes.  We get through these in our family.  Lots of thorns in South Africa. Bike Tube Headband [Craft:] [ad#adify]

Vintage is eco

Being green can have everything to do with saving money, which is why I love shopping at second-hand shops.  There are charity shops, dress agencies and also the school second-hand shop for used school uniform.   The internet is also a… Read More »Vintage is eco

You can’t eat money

I’m wearing this T-shirt today, it’s one of my faves. Two of the parents at my daughter’s pre-school stopped to read my breasts the important message, which makes wearing it worthwhile. It’s from Ban T-shirts. [ad#468×60]