Bags of eco-friendly goodness

by EcoStreet May 13, 2010 EcoFashion

I am repeatedly blown away by the beautiful eco-friendly goods out there,  thanks to the work of some remarkable creative peeps.    Here are some handbags that I’ve been coveting lately. 1. The ‘Hyphen’ Upcycled Seatbelt Bag, $35.00 USD, interrobang on Etsy 2. Cajun spice recycled felted wool shoulder bag, $50.00 USD, mtodonnel on Etsy 3. […]

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TERTIUM NON DATA: hand-recycled PET lovelies

by EcoStreet May 9, 2010 EcoArt

Turkish architect and graphic design artist Gulnur Ozdaglar makes beautiful things from old plastic bottles. tertium non data translated from latin means: the third is not given. it is an alchemic term which refers to the process of combining two disparate elements to create a new, third element. the process of transformation is a mystery […]

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Interesting green events in London and Cape Town

by EcoStreet May 4, 2010 Activism

Swish, swish, swish.  It’s all the rage.  Eco-fashionistas, this is for you. There are two swishing events happening in the next little while, one in London (UK) and one in Cape Town (RSA).  See their details below. Incase you can’t read the fine print, here’s a close-up: For the Cape Town (Northern suburbs) event, check […]

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EcoDIY: ruined jumper turned headband

by EcoStreet March 22, 2010 EcoDIY

Shannon of Free Spirit Knits has put together a headband tutorial for old jumpers/sweaters that have been accidentally washed in hot water. Another great way of reusing things that were destined for the bin. Follow the link below for the full tutorial. Ruined Clothes Get New Life [Free Spirit Knits] [ad#google]

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EcoDIY: bike tube headband

by EcoStreet March 15, 2010 EcoDIY

Becky Stern’s cool bike tube headband at Craft: is simple to make and a great way to use up punctured bike inner-tubes.  We get through these in our family.  Lots of thorns in South Africa. Bike Tube Headband [Craft:] [ad#adify]

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Vintage is eco

by EcoStreet March 8, 2010 EcoFashion

Being green can have everything to do with saving money, which is why I love shopping at second-hand shops.  There are charity shops, dress agencies and also the school second-hand shop for used school uniform.   The internet is also a great place to pick up second-hand goodies, good places to start including Freecycle and Ebay. […]

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Olive & Myrtle green totes

by EcoStreet March 5, 2010 EcoArt

These are good looking tote bags from Olive & Myrtle.   They’ve teamed up with San Francisco based Lab Partners on the Fruit & Veggie bag below (you can see their other two designs on the Olive & Myrtle website).  I also really like the Olive & Myrtle in-house Endangered Species bag. The designs are silk […]

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