Open Green Map (and Cape Town Green Map) launches today

by EcoStreet June 5, 2009 Activism

It’s World Environment Day and the launch day of Open Green Map, a global initiative to map out local natural, cultural and green living sites, to help people make greener lifestyle choices. There are launches being held around the world today: Cape Town, Geneva, Jakarta, Stockholm, Baltimore, Pereira Colombia, the UK towns of Swansea, Clackmannanshire, […]

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Pure Design gets a makeover

by EcoStreet May 15, 2009 EcoArt

Elaine Dutton of Pure Design wrote a guest post for EcoStreet some time ago all about how the small-scale manufacture of beautiful objects out of sustainable or repurposed materials is better for the environment than the current “throwaway fashion” trend. Recently, Elaine has been in touch with me again asked me to tell you about […]

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You can’t eat money

by EcoStreet April 21, 2009 EcoFashion

I’m wearing this T-shirt today, it’s one of my faves. Two of the parents at my daughter’s pre-school stopped to read my breasts the important message, which makes wearing it worthwhile. It’s from Ban T-shirts. [ad#468×60]

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On freedom, saris and kick-ass bags

by EcoStreet April 19, 2009 EcoFashion

I’ve just discovered Freeset bags (& journals) and just love what they are all about… Freedom for the women who have no choice but to roam Calcutta’s streets as prostitutes, and for their daughters. My pick of the bags are these dragonfly print jute shoulder bags with cotton lining (the handles are lined too to […]

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Swish, swish… it’s the Fashion Exchange

by EcoStreet April 18, 2009 EcoFashion

Swishing has come to Cape Town. It’s the green solution to getting your hands on a new wardrobe. The next Fashion Exchange event, happening on the 9th May at Cafe Sofia in Rondebosch. It’s a new venture in South Africa and it’s organiser Tonia Zorbas says it stemmed from the need to reduce local clothing […]

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Swishing event at Old Spitalfields Market in London, E1: Sat. 7th March

by EcoStreet March 2, 2009 EcoFashion

Helen Spoor is involved with organising a large Swishing event at Old Spitalfields Market in London on Saturday 7th March. Here’s everything you need to know to get involved with the swish. Get a new outfit for free at this fun Swishing event as part of East Festival in London. Fashionistas are hunting down the […]

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Survive the credit crunch: buy eco-chic on the cheap

by EcoStreet November 12, 2008 EcoFashion

We’re all having to tighten our belts to get through the economic recession that’s spreading across the world. Here’s a solution to your fashion needs at a fraction of the price. Charity shops, online and off and second-hand clothes at online auction sites are the perfect way to shop from an environmental point of view, […]

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