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If you are expecting the patter of little feet, you may be interested to know that Natura Pura are launching a stylish organic maternity wear range that will be available from By Nature by next month. The new pregnancy wear… Read More »Pregnant?

Style Will Save Us

Style Will Save Us. A great declaration and a new digital magazine featuring stylish, eco-friendly, socially responsible products.  Read up on their featured items, or discuss the latest topic (such as: What’s your most treasured vintage item and where did… Read More »Style Will Save Us

Verde by Gwendolyn Davis: The Green Standard for Jewelry

Mention ecologically sustainable and socially responsible practices in industry and consumerism these days, and the subject typically turns to autos, energy sources and construction. Why worry about an inconsequential thing like an earring or a wedding band? According to designer Gwendolyn Davis, who has just launched Verde, her eco-friendly fashion jewelry line, worry we should and must. For her, the fact that the production of one gold ring can generate 20 tons of mine waste is cause enough for worry and reason enough for a grass roots reform movement in the 40 billion dollar jewelry industry.

Following the precept of Gandhi, “Be the change that you want to see in the world”, Ms. Davis has dedicated her life to introducing a little change in the way we think about and create fine jewelry and other luxury items.

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People Tree in Topshop

Organic and fairtrade clothing retailer, People Tree, have a concession in Topshop, Oxford Street in London until mid-June 2006. They’ve reworked some of the People Tree archive for their exclusive Topshop collection, and you can also buy their current catalogue… Read More »People Tree in Topshop