Infographic: Energy Harvesting – The Future Smart City

by EcoStreet December 6, 2013 EcoEnergy

Sagentia shows us a glimpse of the future with this Energy Harvesting infographic. Take a look and see how the use of the latest technology in products and monitoring leads to energy efficiency and the ability for us to generate energy from our own day to day activities… Source: Sagentia

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Eco DIY: Carbon Neutral Christmas Lights

by Nikki Algar December 1, 2013 Conservation

Matthew James Taylor explains how to make your own Carbon Neutral Christmas Lights from recycled materials. Click here to find out how… I’d like to see a pedal-powered version of this… it could light up the whole house, and just think of all the mince pies you could burn off in the process.

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Is this the future of green sustainable energy?

The Artifical Leaf

by EcoStreet January 21, 2013 EcoArt

‘The Artificial Leaf’, by Jared P. Scott & Kelly Nyks, is a short film with a big idea… a simple formula to save the planet: sunlight + water = energy for the world. Dan Nocera tells us how. ‘The Artificial Leaf’ is is one of 20 finalists in the Focus Forward Filmmaker Competition who are all vying […]

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Solar farming in Africa: Green electricity powered by the sun

Solar Farming in Africa: Green Electricity Powered by the Sun

by EcoStreet April 27, 2012 EcoEnergy

In the fourth installment of iq2 Shorts series, Professor Michael Düren of DESERTEC argues that we can harness the African desert sun to power the world. The animation is adapted from their Switched On evening ‘Energy Game Changers’ from March 2012. Check out the four other carbon cutting energy solutions presented that evening

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Infographic: Power Consumption Facts for the US

by EcoStreet November 22, 2011 Climate Change

Click to view the full size graphic on the Power SuperSite Source: Power SuperSite

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Wind-powered knitting machine

by EcoStreet September 6, 2010 EcoDIY

With the power of the wind, a knitting machine knits from the outside towards the inside of a building. The knitted material is harvested from time to time and rounded-off in individually packaged scarves. Each scarf has its own label which tells you in how much time it has been knitted and on which date. […]

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Crank it up baby: a look at 10 eco-friendly wind up flashlights

by EcoStreet June 7, 2010 EcoEnergy

This is a guest post by D. Salmons over at TestFreaks, where you can find everything from laptop rankings to hd camcorder reviews. Remember the good old days, when you went out on an adventure and took along extra batteries (if you were thinking ahead) just so you wouldn’t run out of lighting. Well, not […]

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