World’s largest solar powered stadium

by EcoStreet May 19, 2009 EcoEnergy

Not being much of a follower of sport I hadn’t heard of the World Games until last week. And why did the World Games pique my attention? Because the stadium that’s being built specially for it in Taiwan is the world biggest solar powered stadium in the world. It’s covered in a staggering 8844 solar […]

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London’s waste is a resource

by EcoStreet December 18, 2008 EcoEnergy

The London Waste and Recycling board have decided that they need to look at the capital’s waste as a resource rather than rubbish to be disposed of. They are focussing on three main areas to reduce London’s waste problem, namely increasing recycling of priority materials such as plastics, extracting energy from food waste, and generating […]

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Good Energy launches groundbreaking deal to pay homes for solar heat

by EcoStreet December 8, 2008 EcoEnergy

People across the UK have installed solar thermal panels on their roofs to produce their own energy, but until now none of these small scale generators have been paid by the government or energy suppliers for their power. Good Energy, the UK’s only 100% renewable electricity supplier, is launching Good Energy HotROCs, the UK’s first […]

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Are you ready for a low carbon future?

by EcoStreet September 24, 2008 EcoEnergy

You could be. The Low Impact Living Initiative are running courses during the month of October on composting, building solar water heaters, green woodwork, low-impact smallholdings, wood burner construction and advanced recycling. The courses are run in the South East, the North and in Wales, so there should be a venue that suits you. Or […]

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Jurdy discovers wind-crofting

by EcoStreet June 30, 2008 EcoArt
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UK goes mad for nukes

by EcoStreet April 15, 2008 EcoEnergy

This is a guest post by Pete Roche, editor of the No2nuclearpower website. Photo credit: Akuppa There is an episode of “Spooks” – the BBC Spy Drama – in which “green terrorists” threaten to blow up the Thames Barrier and flood London unless the Government releases a report proving it is secretly trying to appear […]

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David Cameron and Greenpeace agree micro-generation is the way forward

by EcoStreet December 18, 2007 EcoEnergy

Of course I’ve heard about Webcameron, but I’ve never had the pleasure of actually watching any of it. So here you go, a politician talking sense, for a change. I’ve never considered giving the Conservatives my vote before, but I much prefer what Cameron is saying to what I’ve heard from Gordon Brown. Note to […]

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