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Questioning the UK’s environmental future

Leading scientists have come together to draw up a list of 100 leading questions facing the UK’s environmental future. The Guardian whittles these down to just eleven to cover the key issues for us.

How long does the seabed take to recover from dredging, wind farm construction and oil and gas extraction?

How does the ecological impact of UK farming compare internationally?

What are the ecological impacts of airports?

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How green is your supermarket?

I read with interest an article at the Independent Online about how supermarkets are now vying for the green-pound, and how Asda, for the first time, is selling local kale in Cornwall and Devon without it having made the 280-mile round trip to their distribution depot in Bristol first. It seems that the race is on for supermarkets to brush-up their environmental credentials. Here is the low-down on just how green your supermarket is from the Independent. Read More »How green is your supermarket?