Check out the air pollution where you live with Google Earth


US residents can now check out what they’re being poisoned with by checking out this new tool provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency and Google Earth. It’s a useful tool to track air quality in your community or if you are planning to move to another area to escape airborne toxins. Check for levels of carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, VOCs, particulate matter and sulfur dioxide. You can also identify big emitters easily, like cement plants, chemical manufacturers and petroleum refineries, amongst others. Focus on a particular state or sector to get the most accurate details. You need to have Google Earth already installed on your computer for the EPA file to work, or if you’d prefer not to install it, you can download the text version. It’s not as much fun to use as the Google Earth file, but it contains all the information you’ll need.

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  1. This is a most interesting initiative, especially one taken on by Google. I’d be interested to see when/if they will take this to other global locations for travelers or occupants of other nations.


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