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Earthships in Brighton

Plans have been unveiled for the building of a 16 home eco-friendly housing estate in Brighton in which 15,000 old car tyres will be used in construction.

Earthship Biotecture have finalised the planning permission proposals to build on a prime development site overlooking Brighton Marina. The development is called “The Lizard”, and homes will cost between £250,000 and £300,000, with half of the estate being put aside as affordable housing.

The idea of building a home from post consumer waste is something that I would like to see my own family doing oneday. Imagine a life free from utility bills, producing your own wind and solar power, collecting your own rainwater and dealing with your waste in an earth friendly way.

Earthships are built by stacking up tyres, which are then packed with earth and recycled rubbish, and then plastered over. The mass of the walls is harnessed to heat and cool the homes.
Guardian Unlimited

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Guardian Unlimited
Earthship Biotecture Europe
Earthship Biotecture US

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