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Eco-bag to the stars

olovesm.jpgMerle O’Brien describes herself as an “indie eco-designer of eco-bags”. She was in the downward dog pose at her yoga class when the idea came to her: an eco-bag, made from remnants that other companies just throw away. OlovesM was born. A stroke of good fortune came for Merle and her eco-bags when a chance meeting in a Utah bathroom led to the bags being chosen as the official SWAG bag for a benefit honouring Aretha Franklin. And since then they’ve gone to the Sundance Film Festival too. In fact, by the impressive list of celebrity OlovesM bag-toters listed on their website, it seems that everyone who’s anyone in Hollywood is in possesion of one.

But that’s enough of the “rags to riches” (literally) story, here’s what you need to know about OlovesM:

  • The bags are made of salvaged materials that would otherwise end up in landfill.
  • There are loads of great designs, take a look for yourself.
  • Prices start at just $15.00, and you can buy them online at OlovesM.