EcoRadar – 10 August 2007

by Tracy Stokes on August 10, 2007

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From the sublime to the ridiculous, here’s the week as I saw it through my green tinted spectacles.


In the US George Bush wants to discuss climate change in Washington during the UN’s scheduled climate change talks in New York. He says it will support the UN talks, but it looks more likely that it’s aimed to derail them. What do you think?

Over here in the UK, Gordon Brown has downgraded the cabinet committee on climate change, and excluded Air Emissions from the draft Climate Change Bill. It’s not looking encouraging.

On a positive note, the government have plans to build 240,000 eco-homes a year. But not before they tear down one of the UK’s most eco-friendly homes for “failing to make a positive environmental impact”.

What the science is saying

Newsweek declare that Climate Change is a hoax, until you read the fine print and discover that it’s actually an exposé of how lots of green backs are being spent to ensure that we don’t go green. Oh, and apparently global warming deniers don’t like being called global warming deniers, so call them something nicer, okay? It has also emerged that we may not have to wait all that long to convince them that global warming is happening, because it’s happening faster than originally expected. In fact, we can expect some serious heat from as soon as 2009.

Green driving

Reykjavík encourages it’s eco-friendly car drivers by giving them free parking in the Iceland capital. Wouldn’t that go down a treat around here? How about it Ken? Just what you need for your new Xebra electric 3-wheeler Del Boy car.

Fashion, celebrities… you know, the shallow stuff

Green is the New Black: How to Change the World With Style is the first ever eco-friendly fashion guide. It’s out from 30th August priced at £14.99, but you can pre-order it for £8.98 from Amazon.

Going green… the practical stuff

Switching to green energy is getting cheaper. British Gas launch the “greenest” of the big 6 providers’ tarriffs, called Zero Carbon. Check it out.

Win the soundtrack from Arctic Tale

ARCTIC TALE: MUSIC FROM AND INSPIRED BY THE MOTION PICTURE features brand new, exclusive tracks from legends Brian Wilson, Barry Gibb and Aimee Mann; and hits from Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton, Pearl Jam, Sheryl Crow, The Shins and more! Find out how to win the soundtrack here.

This will be the last EcoRadar for a couple of weeks while I’m away on holiday. And while I’m away, I’ll be setting you, dear readers, a little challenge. I’ll be letting you know more next week before I go.

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