I’ve had a busy old week and so this edition of the Eco-radar is running a few days late.  But here it is…

Last Thursday saw the UK’s very first biodiesel-fuelled train take to the tracks. Virgin Trains launched biodiesel train as a six-month trial that if successful, may see the rest of the fleet of voyager trains also being run on biodiesel. The company believes that doing this would be the equivalent of taking 23,000 cars off the road in terms of savings in carbon emissions.

Low-cost airline Flybe are telling their passengers exactly what their flight is doing to the environment, and offering the option of carbon-offsetting with UK emissions charity Pure.

If you’re planning an escape, now you can buy an eco-villa on Portugal’s Silver Coast.

Sony has brought out a new line in eco-friendly technology. It’s odo products don’t need plugs or chargers, they are powered by a combination of kinetic and solar power. The range includes a camera, video camera, headphones and “juice-boxes”.

European lightbulb makers are planning to stop making old-fashioned lightbulbs within 8 years, and instead only manufacture low-energy lightbulbs. This would save 60% of carbon emissions created by domestic lighting.

The planned “lights-out” during the Live Earth concert has been cancelled because the British National Grid won’t be able to handle the electricity surge.

There are just 5 days to go to enter the FT/Citibank Global Environmental Awards for businesses.  If you have a business that has remakably improved its environmental record this year, you could be in line for an award.

And finally, tomorrow is the 2nd annual Ethicalbiz networking event in Hebden Bridge (between Leeds and Manchester).

See you next week!