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Lush goes greener: popcorn, greenwash & a forest-green blog

by Tracy Stokes on September 28, 2007

in The Environment and Business

Lush has been likened to “a serious hardcore ethical company dressed up like a hippy drag queen”. It’s the cosmetics shop that looks more like a deli, and where you can buy your soap or your shampoo by the slice. Their staff got naked earlier this year to protest against excess packaging, and now they’ve taken their eco-credentials a few steps further.

The new Lush website is a big improvement, with lots of new features, and there is a Lush blog too, called The Edge of the Forest where you can read about their latest goings-on, like the Bike Valet while you shop. Their vegan products are now labelled as such with the vegan society sunflower (all Lush products are vegetarian and none are tested on animals), their packaging is edible they’ve removed palm oil from some products with the view to discontinuing its use in the entire range.

Want to know more, or be persuaded of Lush’s green claims. Watch this!

[via Hippyshopper]

Advertisement: Reduce your CO2 footprint by as much as 2 tonnes/year & save up to £150 on your energy bills.

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