Morph goes green for Friends of the Earth

by Tracy Stokes on July 24, 2007

in Activism, EcoArt

Morph came out of retirement today to promote Friends of the Earth One Minute with Meaning film competition.

“One-minute green films are a fantastic way to channel some of UK’s creative talent into communicating environmental issues. We hope these films will inspire others to get involved and help to protect this beautiful planet that we all live on.”
Tony Juniper, Executive Director of Friends of the Earth

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Rob July 26, 2007 at 5:12 pm

I loved Morph, my childhood hero. The other characters were:

* Chaz – Morph’s very cheeky friend with cream skin
* Folly – a tin foil girl
* Delilah – a bossy woman in a yellow dress with brown skin
* Grandmorph – a grandpa version of Morph
* Gillespie – a blue, giant-like character
* Nailbrush – Morph’s canine companion
* The Very Small Creatures – an array of small plasticine balls with eyes

Who would have thought he would become an eco-hero! Go Morph!!


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