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by Tracy Stokes on June 1, 2007

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Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell has recorded an exclusive new track for Friends of the Earth’s campaign “The Big Ask”. The track “Funeral Blues” was recorded at Europes’s first solar-powered recording studio in London, and it’s free to download here. Get involved too and ask your MP to support the Climate Change Bill.

I’m one of hundreds of thousands who’ve signed a petition on climate change at Avaaz.org. In the coming days it’s going to be delivered to the G8+5 summit (June 6th-8th in Germany) to the leaders of the biggest, most polluting countries in the world. We won a victory in March when over 100,000 people helped make climate change the number 1 issue for this summit – but the resistance from vested interests is rising. The summit is days away. Please join me in signing the petition here.

Natural Collection have some good discounts on until the end of the month. There’s 20% off their Swedish fire-steel (an excellent gift for Father’s Day), eco laundry kit (T-wave discs and stain remover) and their posh kitchen compost crock.

There’s a new green product comparison website called Green Crawler that seems to be mainly US-based and is quite new, but will be really useful once it’s started filling up with reviews. If you’re US-based you may want to have a look and see whether you have some reviews to contribute.

To celebrate World Environment Day on the 5th of June, Ethical Superstore are giving away 100 i-count books. Place an order and if you’re among the first 100, you’ll get a free i-count book. Just enter code: FCOUNT at check-out. Ethical Superstore sell a wide range of recycled, fairtrade and eco-friendly products for you and your home.

That’s all for this week, keep your eyes peeled for our new weekly blog post featuring eco-offers and news. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to our feed.

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