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Opportunity to be part of Oak Trust Ecovillage in Linbro Park, Sandton

oaktrustecovillage1Live and work in or around Jo’burg? If you’ve ever dreamed of living in an ecovillage, this may just be your chance. The Oak Avenue Trust is looking for people who are interested in co-designing, co-building and co-living in an inclusive, inter-generational and ecological co-housing initiative at 51 Oak Avenue, Linbro Park.

Located in the green country suburb of Linbro Park, Sandton and near major transport routes (N3; R25), the property is an agriculturally zoned 1 Ha of land with dense vegetation in an area that is set to be developed and upgraded in the near future.

To get the ball rolling, a number of sustainability features are being developed on the property, including a rainwater harvesting pool, swales, greywater systems, solar water heaters, a wastewater bio-filter, and a small food and herb garden. This intentional community will provide the opportunity for residents from across the social and economic spectrum to live an ecological lifestyle in a tranquil countryside setting close to the the vibrant African metropolis of Johannesburg.

There are a number of different ways and levels of being involved with this ecovillage, from simply using the garden for the cultivation of vegetables and herbs to living there in a one-roomed apartment, two-bedroomed apartment, or 3-bedroomed freestanding home. There is also the opportunity to simply invest and reap ongoing dividends from levies.

The Oak Trust are looking for human beings over the age of 18 who are committed to socially inclusive, democratic values, an ecological lifestyle and who are dynamic, creative and pragmatic. Members would need to be professionals engaged in ethical livelihoods who are financially independent and productive.

If you tick those boxes and have always thought that co-housing is exactly the way you’d like to share your lives with your community, find out more about the Oak Trust Ecovillage check out their concept document here (pdf).

Enquiries should be directed to Florian Kroll at