stop-trident-thumb.gifIf you don’t want the British government to start building a new generation of nuclear power stations, or replace the aging Trident nuclear missiles with newer weapons of mass destruction, it’s time to speak up. Katharine Hamnett has a message for us that I feel needs to be passed on:


Marching doesn’t work. T-shirts don’t work. Letters do work.
Here is a suggestion of the letter you could write.


As a member of your constituency I do not want the British Government to go with a new generation of nuclear power stations nor do I want them to replace Trident. According to Matrix Chambers it would be a breach of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. It would also set a bad example to other countries.

I would rather the money for Trident was spent on education, hospitals and housing.

I would rather that they invested the money that they would be spending on nuclear power in Renewables instead.

I would like a reply to tell me what activities you will embark on to make sure that they do this.

I will not vote for you in the next election unless you represent my views on these matters to the British Parliament.


Or download it. Post it in a hand addressed envelope (they always look at these). Or write your own.

Tell your local MP you don’t want Nuclear Power or Trident. Ask for a reply (which you are entitled to by law if you ask for it). Include your mailing address. Tell them you won’t vote for them next time if they do not represent your views.

Write now. Letters need to be in by 13 March 2007. The day before the vote in the House of Commons on Trident.

To get contact details for your local MP go to:

Time’s running out, so do it now, please!