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Sustainable sushi

moshimoshi.jpgThe British love sushi, and this is creating such a demand for bluefin tuna that many EU fishing fleets are breaking laws and catching far more tuna than they are allowed to. With demand causing the cost of tuna to reach over £1000 per fish, and traditional fisherman who have been fishing sustainably for tuna for hundreds of years reporting that their catch has reduced by 80%, the UK government is calling on the EU to take action against this overfishing. But there are those who are already looking to “sustainable sushi” to help solve the problem. Moshi Moshi is a chain of sushi restaurants in the UK that is a leader in the “Invest in fish” campaign. They plan their menu around seasonal and local ingredients, and have removed bluefin tuna from their restaurants completely. We can do our own bit towards saving the bluefin tuna by making sure that the restaurants that we eat at are taking responsibility. Just as we have created demand for bluefin, we can create demand for sustainably caught or sustainably farmed fish by asking for it.