Rainy Day Kids’ Activity: Sowing winter veg

by EcoStreet June 25, 2009 EcoFood

Piper and I have been sowing seeds for winter vegetables this afternoon. It’s fun to do with children of any age when outside is stormy and wet, and inside is a much nicer prospect. Northern hemisphere folks sow summer veg for a school holiday activity. Learning to grow vegetables is a valuable and important life […]

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Countdown to Planting Season

by EcoStreet June 15, 2009 EcoFood

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere the shortest day of the year less than a week away, and we’re counting down to planting season. Just this past weekend in the rain, my lovely husband was chopping a great chunk out of the lawn so that I can start planting fruit and vegetables in our new […]

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Abalimi Bezekhaya: Cape Town’s urban organic farmers

by EcoStreet June 10, 2009 Activism

One Tuesday a few weeks ago I accompanied Duncan Drennan (The Art of Engineering), Duncan’s beautifully pregnant wife Donne, Pia Taylor (Mother City Living), Stefan (a lecturer in applied mathematics at Stellenbosch) and Ruan (a helicopter pilot in training) on a tour of the Fezeka community garden in Gugulethu and the Harvest of Hope packing […]

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Opportunity to be part of Oak Trust Ecovillage in Linbro Park, Sandton

by EcoStreet June 4, 2009 EcoHouse

Live and work in or around Jo’burg? If you’ve ever dreamed of living in an ecovillage, this may just be your chance. The Oak Avenue Trust is looking for people who are interested in co-designing, co-building and co-living in an inclusive, inter-generational and ecological co-housing initiative at 51 Oak Avenue, Linbro Park. Located in the […]

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Eco-DIY: recycle old gutters into a vertical garden

by EcoStreet May 8, 2009 EcoDIY

When Suzanne Forsling moved from the US Midwest to Alaska, she discovered this novel idea for keeping her salad crops off the cold ground and away from critters who messed with them. She used new guttering, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t use old guttering, either that from your own home, or from a […]

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The food garden fairies

by EcoStreet April 28, 2009 EcoFood

While most gardeners will agree that the gardening itself is a major part of the pleasure and that the fruits of your labours aren’t everything, there are those who are so busy that they simply don’t have time to plan a vegetable garden and implement it. Cue the food garden fairies… In England, Living Leaves […]

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Is your garden on the World Food Garden Map?

by EcoStreet April 26, 2009 EcoFood

It’s times like these when we remember that it’s actually of huge benefit to ourselves to grow some of our own food. So many of us have forgotten that, because it’s “easier” to just pop to the supermarket when we want fresh herbs, or an apple, or some cabbage for a stew, and let’s face […]

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