36 ways to stop nuclear power

36ways.gifOur government supports the building of new nuclear power stations across the UK as a means of securing a future energy supply. But instead of “bridging the power gap” between fossil fuels and renewables, this means we’ll be creating tens of thousands of tonnes of hazardous radioactive waste which will remain dangerous for a million years.

If you need convincing, watch this video.

No 2 Nuclear Power suggests 36 ways to help stop nukes (but still help combat climate change):

1. Get Informed
Stay Informed
Respond to the Energy Review
Write to Alan Johnson
Write to Gordon Brown
Write to your MP
Write to your MSPs
Write to your AMs
Ask your MP to sign EDMs 1564 and 1565
Sign a Petition
Join your local campaign
Buy Green Electricity
Give up your incandescent light bulbs
Put more insulation in your loft
Insulate cavity walls
When replacing electrical goods buy energy efficient
Save energy around the house
Install micro-CHP or gas condensing boiler
Install a small wind turbine
Install a solar water heating system
Install solar pv panels
Install a ground source heat pump
Install a micro-hydro system
Install biomass heating
Ask your MP to support the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill
Ask your MSP to support the Energy Efficiency and Microgeneration Bill
Lobby your council to promote micro-generation
Lobby your council to sign the Nottingham Declaration
Lobby your council to join solar cities
Lobby your council to become a nuclear free local authority
Write to the Newspapers
Say yes to wind
Embrace the revolution
Take action to support WWF’s climate change campaign
Take Action to support Greenpeace’s Climate Change Campaign
Make a small donation

Join the Facebook Nuclear Energy group to keep on eye on what’s happening with nuclear energy in the UK.

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  1. Hi Tracy,

    I’m the editor of the no2nuclearpower website. I will be updating the “36 ways” over the next month or so. Some of it is out of date. So keep a watch or send me your e-mail address.


  2. Honestly, I’d rather have nuclear power and nuclear waste fuel (that can, by the way, be recycled retreated into new usable nuclear fuel). Install a heat pump? Install wind farms? Install this install that. Seriously, its just contained nuclear radiation heating up some water to boil some steam to spin some turbine generators. Theres nothing nasty going into the air. I’m more concerned of people getting tumors from cell phones and asthma from diesel and petrol motors than I am from the slightest bit of radiation…that will never affect anyone negatively to begin with! Come on people! Its just electron excitement!

  3. I am informed about nuke power, and think that its the only way to go! Why would anyone want to stop nuke power? We need to build 500 more nuke plants so we can be like France and have nearly 100% of our power coming from nuclear sources.

    Hydro has been tapped out, wind and solar require batteries, and neither can be used to make hydrogen cheaply. Nuclear is the only one that is cost competitive with coal, and once we start mass producing nuke plants the cost of construction will come down which is the main expense of building a nuke plant.

    Seriously, you anti-nuke people are nutty or have some sort of agenda thats against the progress of the human race. Nukes Rock!

  4. I can’t think what families of all that men who die trying close Chernobil, how they will feel about our unique cool way to speak and write for what we don’t know.
    My country is near nuclear factories and many people die the last decates from the nuclear clouds came from Chernobil. Nuclear energy can do very bad things not to one or two person but to countries and thousant of people. Cancer is one of these bad things and noone wants such a future for himself or his children.

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  7. Nuclear power may be effective, but the result of one single accident can be unimaginably devistating, and that alone is not worth the risk.

    For the same amount of money that is spent on the nuclear power plants, we could make energy that is effective and completely clean even in the case of an accident

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