Power Shift 2007: the first ever youth global warming summit

by Tracy Stokes on October 5, 2007

in Activism, Climate Change


“The youth of this country have been working hard for change. We’ve read the writing on the wall and will not let our leaders fail us on addressing global warming. And what have we already done about it? A hell of a lot.” So say the youth of America in the Power Shift 2007 blog.

On 2nd November 2007, thousands of young people will gather in Washington DC with three ambitious goals. They are: to make the U.S. Presidential candidates and Congress take global warming seriously; to empower a truly diverse network of young leaders; and to achieve broad geographic diversity.

Youth of all backgrounds will use their experience from local and state level climate change movements to create a fresh, positive, and inspiring vision of the future, one focused on our potential to overcome the challenges of the 21st century, build a clean energy economy, achieve energy independence, create millions of green jobs, increase global equity, and revitalize the American economy.

Power Shift will take the climate movement to new levels. At this conference, leaders of our generation will share ideas, learn new skills, make new connections, establish a national voice for our generation, and send a united message to our national leaders: we are moving beyond the same old special interests, empty promises, and inadequate results to embrace a new paradigm that leverages our strengths and achieves what is possible for our future. Something incredible is happening.

Learn more or find out how to register to attend at the Power Shift 2007 website.

As Kevin Bedell pointed out earlier this week at 21st Century Citizen, there is an Outsized Power of Young People to Change The World.

Photograph by Christine M. Irvine.

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