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First U.S. organic chocolate factory in Seattle

TheoChocolateSeattle, WA boasts the first organic/fair-trade chocolate factory in the United States.

Theo Chocolate took over an old brewery in the Fremont district of the Pacific Northwest city last January. It is a small operation compared to its mega (non-organic) counterparts, which produce the confection for companies like Hershey’s and Nestle.

Theo founder, Joel Whinney not only wants to pursue the fine art of chocolate, but also wants to improve the lives of cocoa growers around the world.

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New look Good Food

The BBC’s Good Food magazine has had a makeover with improvements to their in-season and local food coverage. For a special, free, sneak digital preview of the October issue before it goes on sale, click here. The issue includes an… Read More »New look Good Food

Farmers Weekly Food Miles Campaign

On a recent visit to a local rare breeds farm I read about the Farmers Weekly Food Miles Campaign, aimed at consumers like you and me, educating us about how “bringing in food from all corners of the world is bad for the environment, bad for freshness, bad for food security and bad for traceability”.

Would you like to get involved in supporting local producers and cutting out food miles?

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Produce For Less

BigBarn helps you find local food, just enter your postcode, and it will tell you your nearest farmers’ market, farm shop and about local producers in your vicinity. And they have just teamed up with the Telegraph to offer us… Read More »Produce For Less

Latest Green Listings

If you would like to be listed in the EcoStreet directory, submit your link here. It’s FREE. — Our latest listing is Naturebotts, selling eco-friendly mother and baby products. They are stockists of Moltex Oko eco-disposable nappies, biodegradable wipes and… Read More »Latest Green Listings