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Easy green

shop_intelliplug.jpgCaring about the planet doesn’t have to be about making life harder. It can be easy. Take this clever little gadget from The Carbon Neutral Company for instance; the Intelliplug looks like a standard 3-way adaptor, but behaves very differently indeed. You plug your PC into the “master” socket on the plug, and two peripherals (monitors, printers, speakers, etc) into the “slave” sockets. When you turn off your computer, the plug will automatically power down the peripherals. Easy peasy, and electricity saved for £16.99.

And how about making Mother’s Day green and easy this year? The Carbon Neutral Company have put together a Mother’s Day Green Box containing Green & Blacks mini-chocolates, a heart-shaped key fob made from recycled leather, and a month’s worth of carbon neutral driving. £12.50 well spent.