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The Artifical Leaf

‘The Artificial Leaf’, by Jared P. Scott & Kelly Nyks, is a short film with a big idea… a simple formula to save the planet: sunlight + water = energy for the world. Dan Nocera tells us how. ‘The Artificial Leaf’ is… Read More »The Artifical Leaf

3 Amazing Eco Laptops

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Committed green warriors pride themselves on limiting their negative impact on the environment, but they often forget about the damage that power-hungry laptop PCs can do to the Earth. We all use computers daily and those machines tend to suck… Read More »3 Amazing Eco Laptops

What are we waiting for?

[youtube=] According to Greenpeace, two thirds of all energy generated in the UK’s nuclear, coal and gas fuelled power stations is lost as waste heat – that’s enough heat to meet the whole of the UK’s heating and hot water… Read More »What are we waiting for?