Eco review: Maru dining tables

by Tracy Stokes on January 4, 2007

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maru-dining-table.jpgIt’s not only the idea of using centuries old reclaimed wood for these dining tables that is appealing, the end product is pretty magnificent too. Maru dining tables are manufactured by greentea designs from slabs of wood flooring and porch supports, salvaged from old Korean country homes and 3-inches thick. These slabs, once under the feet of the Korean aristocracy, are now worked by artisans using traditional Japanese joinery techniques to make these stylish contemporary table tops supported by legs made of old porch supports. The Maru dining table, and the other furniture made by greentea designs, are a good environmental choice because all of the hardwood used is salvaged. The advantages of using reclaimed timber are that the wood is already seasoned and that no trees need to be felled to build new furniture. The old wood also develops a lovely patina over years of use, giving it a unique character.

The Maru dining table comes in five different sizes and is available for delivery in the US and shipping worldwide, or from the greentea design showroom in Toronto, Canada. Prices start from $1600.

Worth a peek too are greentea design’s kitchens, storage solutions and seating. I love the Eastern flavour of the furniture and think it would look great in the modern home.

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Mel Rimmer January 4, 2007 at 11:39 pm

Wow. Those certainly blow away the assumption that goods made from recycled materials look clunky. Sadly they’d blow away my bank account, too.


Jennifer March 10, 2007 at 1:04 pm

I certainly agree with using reclaimed wood for furniture – its beautiful, unique and eco friendly. However its worth remembering that in the UK the amount of wood going to landfill is considerable and instead of the airmiles and associated ethical issues involved in importing furniture check out your local wood recycle projects that save wood from land fill and support the small local buisnesses that make furniture from reclaimed wood such as Ethical Wood Furnishings, in Brighton, UK


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