How to reduce your carbon footprint and save

by Tracy Stokes on September 7, 2007

in EcoEnergy

EcoStreet has teamed up with to offer you an easy way to substantially reduce your household’s carbon emissions without it costing you a penny. In fact, it will save you up to £150 on your annual energy bill.

2 tonnes/year is the average reduction that you can make to your CO2 footprint by switching your home to a 100% renewable energy tariff. 2 tonnes of CO2 is 1/3 of the annual CO2 footprint from household energy use in the average UK home and is:

• Enough to fill two Olympic size swimming pools.
• The same amount saved by unplugging your T.V. for 44 years.
• The same amount emitted by the average car each winter.

This online service makes it easy to compare the environmental credentials, CO2 impact, cost effectiveness, and service rating for all of the renewable energy tariffs in the UK. We are sure you will be able to find a tariff that suits your wallet and your environmental concerns. All you need to do is choose the tariff that suits you and will do all the rest, no house calls and no forms to fill in.

By switching to a green tariff you can help reduce the UK’s CO2 footprint by as much as 1-million tonnes this year alone. That’s the same amount emitted by the whole UK during one working day, or by flying the entire population of London to Paris.
There is capacity in the UK this year for 500,000 homes to make the switch to 100% renewable tariffs and hitting this target will ensure that demand for renewable energy finally outstrips supply. This will ensure the investment needed to develop the additional capacity that is so essential in reducing the UK’s CO2 emissions as a whole.

Click here to compare prices and to see how quickly and easily you can save money & cut your CO2 footprint.

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