Is George an evil genius poised to take over the world?

by Tracy Stokes on August 2, 2006

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From the ever vigilant news harvesters at The Onion:

Bush Grants Self Permission To Grant More Power To Self

In a decisive 1–0 decision Monday, President Bush voted to grant the president the constitutional power to grant himself additional powers.

“As president, I strongly believe that my first duty as president is to support and serve the president,” Bush said during a televised address from the East Room of the White House shortly after signing his executive order. “I promise the American people that I will not abuse this new power, unless it becomes necessary to grant myself the power to do so at a later time.”

“In a time of war, the president must have the power he needs to make the tough decisions, including, if need be, the decision to grant himself even more power,” Bush said. “To do otherwise would be playing into the hands of our enemies.”

Righty-o! then George. Read the full story at The Onion.

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David August 2, 2006 at 8:15 pm

I nearly fell out of my chair when I read that! Oh its so true, even though its supposed to be a joke.

A few weeks ago I wrote my reasons for why I was glad Bush is President on my blog, it got a great response!

The Good Human


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