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Earthship Workshop with Michael Reynolds

by EcoStreet March 14, 2013 EcoHouse

Here is an invitation to join Michael Reynolds, creator of the Earthship concept, for an Earthship workshop. The two-day hands-on Earthship Biotecture Workshop will be held on April 12, 13, 14, 2013 at Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood, California, 90027. Tickets are $200 a piece and seating is limited, so hurry if you want to attend. The […]

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Seaval’s sustainable bamboo sunglasses

by EcoStreet March 14, 2013 Conservation

Seaval, the sustainable surfwear brand, have just launched these stylish all-new bamboo sunglasses. They are the ultimate in ethical fashion and come in two ergonomic designs. How the sunglasses are made The bamboo is sourced from sustainable forests and bamboo scrap that would otherwise go to waste. In the manufacturing process, lots of long thin […]

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How sustainable farming techniques can help combat food scarcity

by EcoStreet March 8, 2013 Conservation

This is a guest post by Tim Sissons of William Morfoot, land drainage experts in the UK, who discusses how sustainable farming techniques are better for the environment and can help increase food security levels. From land drainage to crop rotation. How sustainable farming techniques can help combat food scarcity. Food security levels Increasing pressure is being […]

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Book Giveaway: Dancing with the Vodka Terrorists

by EcoStreet March 7, 2013 Competitions

We’ve got 2 copies of Dancing with the Vodka Terrorists to give away to EcoStreet readers. Written by Rob Ferguson, Dancing with the Vodka Terrorists was originally published as The Devil and the Disappearing Sea and was recently re-released by Iguana Books. Rob Ferguson spent much of his thirty year career helping governmental and private […]

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Make Every Last Drop Count

by EcoStreet February 27, 2013 Climate Change

Did you know it takes 20,000 litres of water to manufacture 1kg of cotton? Now think about how many items of cotton clothing you have in your wardrobe… And the next time you sip on a cup of coffee, remember that’s used up about 130 litres of water before it ends up being savoured by […]

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WWF campaign to protect mountain gorillas

by EcoStreet February 20, 2013 Conservation

You may have seen the desperate plight of the mountain gorillas on the recent BBC documentary with David Attenborough called ‘Africa’. These majestic creatures only exist in two places on earth. Sadly, their habitat is disappearing because of deforestation for agriculture and livestock. They are being driven higher and higher up into the mountains. As they […]

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Bricolage is my favourite word

by Tracy Stokes February 19, 2013 EcoArt

bricolage (bri·co·lage) n. (in art or literature) Construction or creation from a diverse range of available things. Something constructed or created in this way. The artist Cynthia Korzekwa introduced me to this word a few years ago, and the word and its sentiment have made a lasting impression on me. I love the way the word […]

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