CAPE TOWN – Here’s something really worthwhile to do on Tuesday’s public holiday. I’m going because I like to make a contribution to keeping places that I enjoy in good nick, and because I want to teach my children that being a member of a community is a give and take process.

Photo credit: Millstone Cafe website

We enjoy spending time at the Millstone Cafe and Farmstall at Oude Molen where you can get the best breads, quiches and pizza in town, as well as such delicacies as chocolate beetroot cake. And while you enjoy your cake and sip on a creamy cappucino, the kids get to play in this terrific tree-house .

Photo credit: Millstone Cafe website

Or in this little playhouse.


The place has a very homely feel to it, the staff are warm and friendly and it’s a great place for families or for kids parties. There are even pony rides next door. Millstone Cafe and Farmstall is open from 9-5, Tuesday to Sunday.

Pia of Mother City Living paid Oude Molen Eco Village a visit a few months ago, read about it and see her photographs here.

Reggie of Grains of Sand reports that Oude Molen Eco Village is under threat by developers, which is another good reason to support Tuesday’s clean up and the Oude Molen businesses.