What to do with your compost

by Tracy Stokes on May 19, 2007

in Permaculture, Sustainable Lifestyle

compost.jpgYou’ve been faithfully composting for well over a year, your compost bin is pretty full and when you pull the little hatch at the bottom of the bin open you can see lovely crumbly black stuff inside? Sounds like you’re ready to start using your compost.

Compost can greatly improve the state of your soil and its ability to hold water. It also provides nutrients for your plants. Once a year, mix up to 20cms of compost into your flower and vegetable beds (before you plant).

For a great potting mix, try mixing one part compost to one part vermiculite or perlite. This mixture will have excellent water retaining properties. You may want to sieve your compost before you use it for potting to get rid of the bigger chunks.

Mulching helps the soil retain water, and helps stop weed growth. Mulch with compost all over your garden between plants (flowers and vegetables alike) and really go to town mulching deeply around your trees.

If you have a lawn (in this dry climate, what are you thinking?), top dress it with a mixture of well sieved compost and sand. Remember, don’t use a sprinkler. It’s a waste of water.

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