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Eco-review: TerraCycle recycled products

by EcoStreet October 26, 2008 EcoReview

This is a guest post by Carolyn Algar. Using TerraCycle‘s products made out of recycled drink pouches took me right back to my childhood days. Back then I loved the idea of using drink and food packets for other things, little did I know that it would be one of the most important principles to […]

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EcoReview: Bulldog shower gel

by EcoStreet August 26, 2008 EcoReview

Even though I’m not a bloke, I really like Bulldog‘s original shower gel and the tingly, wakey-wakey feeling that it gives your skin in the shower in the morning. But what I like most about Bulldog is that none of their products contain high risk synthetic ingredients (like parabens, sodium laureth sulfate, artificial colours and […]

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EcoReview: Hey Mr. Green

by EcoStreet July 30, 2008 EcoReview

What started out as the Sierra Club‘s solution to giving useful and entertaining answers to their magazine reader’s questions ended up being published earlier as a guidebook on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Hey Mr. Green column writer Bob Schildgen discovered after a couple of years of writing his column in the Sierra […]

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EcoReview: How Green Are My Wellies?

by EcoStreet July 26, 2008 EcoReview

Anna Shepard is no granola-munching hippie. She’s the hip and stylish green girl next door who writes the Eco-Worrier column for the Sunday Times, the Eco-Worrier blog, and she’s just published a new book, How Green Are My Wellies? Anna comes from a family of frugal women, and so took to eco-living like a duck […]

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2008’s best green websites

by EcoStreet June 24, 2008 EcoReview

I’ve just been trawling through the 50 websites that are calling the “Best Websites of 2008” and am struck by the lack of green websites on that list. Considering that climate change is probably the biggest threat we as the human race face, and that we in the West are by now quite aware […]

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EcoReview: Patently Obvious

by EcoStreet June 3, 2008 EcoReview

When I posted about the Green Festival Kit competition some weeks back we were contacted by Patently Obvious because they have a product that would fit very well into just such a kit, an anti-bacterial hand sanitiser, and they wanted us to try it. So I threw the small pump bottle of hand sanitiser into […]

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Eco review: Beyond organic skincare

by EcoStreet February 26, 2008 EcoReview

For the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of testing some of Beyond‘s range of organic skincare products on my tired winter skin. My skin was a challenge for the products, but they’ve worked wonders and I’m very pleased with the dewy results. All of Beyond’s products are completely organic and certified with the […]

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