EcoStreet’s Eco-radar – 13th July 2007

by Tracy Stokes July 13, 2007 Activism

We’re mopping up the news stories that haven’t had their own featured blog posts at EcoStreet this week. And what a busy week it’s been too. There’s no longer any doubt about climate change, Gordon Brown’s government is threatening our greenbelt, and we’ve heard about how US news network Fox has been spreading misinformation about […]

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What are we waiting for?

by Tracy Stokes April 27, 2007 Climate Change

According to Greenpeace, two thirds of all energy generated in the UK’s nuclear, coal and gas fuelled power stations is lost as waste heat – that’s enough heat to meet the whole of the UK’s heating and hot water needs. Greenpeace has launched a new short film, “What are we waiting for?” Made by BAFTA […]

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The launch of Green Energy TV

by Tracy Stokes April 25, 2007 EcoEnergy

Green Energy TV is like a green version of YouTube. Create a free account, and you can upload your videos about successful Green/Renewable/Alternative Energy Projects to their website, where it will be aired online. Green Energy TV would also like to hear from individuals or organisations who have green energy technology that is waiting to […]

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3-months free green hosting and a tree planted in your name

by Tracy Stokes April 18, 2007 EcoTech

ThinkHost (who host the EcoStreet website) are offering you 3-months of earth-friendly website hosting absolutely free. They will also plant a tree on your behalf, to assist in the battle against global warming and to reverse rampant deforestation. ThinkHost website hosting is powered by 100% renewable energy. To claim your 3-months’ free hosting and to […]

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by Tracy Stokes March 25, 2007 EcoTech was designed late last year by a group of Green MBA graduates with Open Source software by the leading sustainable website development firm,, developers of and The site has reached a total of 5,000 websites since its launch, and has also been recognised in’s Top Ten List of Best New […]

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Easy green

by Tracy Stokes February 26, 2007 EcoTech

Caring about the planet doesn’t have to be about making life harder. It can be easy. Take this clever little gadget from The Carbon Neutral Company for instance; the Intelliplug looks like a standard 3-way adaptor, but behaves very differently indeed. You plug your PC into the “master” socket on the plug, and two peripherals […]

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Rethinking solar power

by Tracy Stokes December 5, 2006 EcoEnergy

The initial cost of installing solar power can make the technology prohibitive for some, so it’s very exciting to see what US corporation Citizenrē is doing for those who would like to install solar panels on their homes, but can’t afford the big outlay. The REnU 25-year fixed rate residential solar electric system rental program […]

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