Responsible Transport

Free driving for London motorists who go car free

by EcoStreet December 20, 2008 Responsible Transport

London motorists who get rid of their vehicles will be given free driving time with car clubs like Streetcar under a scheme backed by London Mayor Boris Johnson. Car Crunch London will reward those who can prove that they have sold their car with a two year membership of a car club and free driving […]

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More funding for green transport

by EcoStreet November 1, 2008 Responsible Transport

One of my favourite sources of motoring information in the UK has to be the wonderfully green roadside rescue service, the ETA. They’re full of good news this week about funding for green transport. The Electric Car The UK government are giving £100 million to the fledgling electric car industry to give them a boost […]

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Car sales drop to pre-1970s level

by EcoStreet September 9, 2008 Responsible Transport

It sounds almost too good to be true, but true it is. The ETA has confirmed that fewer cards were sold this August in the UK than since the same month in 1966. The drop in sales is being felt particularly by bigger, luxury car manufacturers with Aston Martin sales down a whopping 67%, Land […]

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Looking for some eco-friendly fun this weekend?

by EcoStreet September 5, 2008 Responsible Transport

How about donning your Sunday Best and heading on over to London Fields for a Sunday Cycle Picnic that will be nothing short of fabulous? Oh yes, saddle up for a day of fun, frolics and bicycles. Bring your friends, bring a picnic (organic cucumber sandwiches and ginger beer should do it), and if you […]

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Free e-book from Wisebread helps you save on fuel

by EcoStreet September 4, 2008 Responsible Transport

Fuel is expensive, and that’s not going to change. Oil is running out (and the use of it contributes to global warming) so it makes sense to practice moderation when you use it. And that doesn’t mean giving up having a car altogether (although that would have a bigger impact on reducing your carbon footprint). […]

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Green commitment: would you do it?

by EcoStreet July 24, 2008 Responsible Transport

In their commitment to the planet, and each other, Stefanie Schmiedel and Robert Gray took the Tube to their wedding. They travelled with their bridal party from Dollis Hill to Baker Street Tube station by London Underground, and then walked the rest of the way to the Marylebone register office. Bride Stefanie wore a reusable […]

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Eco-friendly 4×4 on London’s streets

by EcoStreet July 22, 2008 Responsible Transport

In the run-up to last Christmas I wrote a big, green eco-xmas gift list that included a little toy car called the H-racer as a gift idea for boys of all ages. At the time I called it “a futuristic toy car containing one of the most exciting and advanced technologies of the 21st century”, […]

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