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How to give your office a green makeover

Starting with the simple stuff, and working up to an office overhaul, we go through giving your office a green makeover. Whether you work from a home office, or in an office of 25 people or more, here are some ideas that you can put into practise to make your office a much more eco-friendly place.


Recycling is probably the easiest way to improve your office’s green credentials. To set up an office recycling scheme, you’ll need to set up the infrastructure for collection and storage of recyclables, and then arrange for a recycling collector to regularly collect materials for recycling.

  • What to recycle – Offices tend to get through a fair bit of paper, so this is the number one recyclable item in most offices. Cardboard packaging, staff drinks bottles and cans, plastic bottles from cleaning supplies, computer equipment, toner and ink cartridges and CFL lightbulbs can also be recycled. It would be a good idea to provide clear notices for what is and isn’t recyclable to prevent contamination of your recyclables.
  • Collection and storage of recyclables – This can be as simple or as complicated as you like. You could use the boxes that reams of paper come in to store paper for recycling (it’s the perfect size) and empty cardboard boxes for other materials. Or you could set yourself up with some nifty recycled cardboard or plastic recycling bins from somewhere like Paper Round, or these ultra-cool cardboard beauties from The Office Recycling Shop.
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