World’s first dimmable low energy light bulb available in the UK

by Tracy Stokes October 10, 2007 EcoHouse

If you’re one of the thousands of people who’ve been looking for energy saving light bulbs that are dimmable, today is your lucky day. Nigel’s Eco Store now stocks the world’s first dimmable low energy light bulb by DigiFlex. And here’s the interesting part, there are two varieties, one that works with a standard dimmer […]

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5 of the best natural deodorants

by Tracy Stokes October 10, 2007 Sustainable Lifestyle

Some people believe that antiperspirants and deodorants containing aluminium can contribute to the risk of cancer, others believe it is all a hoax. Regardless of all this, antiperspirants stop you sweating, something that you are naturally designed to do. So antiperspirants are a no-no for me. Something that I’d like to point out about deodorants […]

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Sex party: how climate change is affecting the birds and the bees

by Tracy Stokes October 9, 2007 Climate Change

A satirical look at how climate change is affecting the mating habits of the birds and bees of the British countryside. Advertisement: Reduce your CO2 footprint by as much as 2 tonnes/year & save up to £150 on your energy bills.

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5 shocking statistics about the British way of life

by Tracy Stokes October 8, 2007 Sustainable Lifestyle

Over 800,000 metric tonnes of clothing and shoes were thrown away in the UK in 2006. Shame on us! There are textile collection points in every car park in the land, not to mention a liberal sprinkling of charity shops about the place. And if you’re too lazy to do that, Freecycle a bag of […]

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Tyres on over 1000 SUVs deflated in Sweden

by Tracy Stokes October 8, 2007 Activism

You may recall a post here a while ago about a group in Sweden who call themselves The Indians of the Concrete Jungle. Their campaign involves deflating tyres on 4-wheel drive vehicles and is spreading across Sweden like wildfire, stirring up a national debate and bringing out the worst in 4×4 drivers. Here is a […]

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36 ways to stop nuclear power

by Tracy Stokes October 7, 2007 Activism

Our government supports the building of new nuclear power stations across the UK as a means of securing a future energy supply. But instead of “bridging the power gap” between fossil fuels and renewables, this means we’ll be creating tens of thousands of tonnes of hazardous radioactive waste which will remain dangerous for a million […]

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Power Shift 2007: the first ever youth global warming summit

by Tracy Stokes October 5, 2007 Activism

“The youth of this country have been working hard for change. We’ve read the writing on the wall and will not let our leaders fail us on addressing global warming. And what have we already done about it? A hell of a lot.” So say the youth of America in the Power Shift 2007 blog. […]

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